Understand your tax obligations when importing or exporting

6 Nov

Understanding import duty and associated taxes is essential to making international trade commercially viable.This tool helps individuals new to international trade understand the basics of import duty, import VAT and general VAT charging for a specific transaction. It works for UK-based buyers and sellers and, by answering a few simple questions about the transaction, you’ll get a synopsis of each party’s tax and duty responsibilities along with links to more detailed information and additional resources.


Top Ten Logistics Steps For Event Coordination

27 Oct

Are memories of your last special business occasion troubling you? Are you avoiding events because they take up too much of your time? Think about the last time you hosted a business event.  You began with a clear purpose for meeting, the right people were contacted to participate, and the program was carefully structured; but for some reason the occasion did not function as well as you’d hoped.

To sum it up, initial planning went well; but event coordination and logistics were poorly executed.

To be successful, you should assign one individual responsibility for directing the coordination of your events.  While you focus on establishing value-added content, your event coordinator (the meeting logistics expert) will focus on the details!  You can use a team approach dividing the work among team members, assigning tasks with target due-dates; however, the event coordinator is the one in charge, running the show and keeping an eye on the entire operation.

The selection of an event coordinator is a smart move.  Even through you remain involved in the event planning process loop, you will be free to tend to business as usual!

Your event’s ultimate success is directly linked to the coordinator’s ability to pay attention to the details!  Your event coordinator will map a strategy utilizing TOP TEN – LOGISTIC STEPS:

  1. Determine the best date and time to meet (verify potential dates, times, and schedules; and then communicate with vendors, presenters, attendees and special guests)
  2. Select and schedule the best location to meet (consider your budget plus options for on-site, off-site, conference center, private dining room, etc.)
  3. Contact and confirm all contracts (including venue, speakers, presenters, entertainment, sponsors, etc.; and communicate frequently with all regarding their role in the upcoming event)
  4. Plan and map out the program schedule (including general sessions, meeting rooms, break times, break-out sessions, refreshments, meals, the press room, and other special needs)
  5. Coordinate and oversee the selection of a theme, the design, production and distribution printed items (i.e., invitations, agendas, brochures, special materials, and related mailings)
  6. Arrange to have essential meeting supplies available on site (i.e., handouts, evaluation forms, flip charts, markers, sticky notes, etc.)
  7. Identify each presenter’s equipment needs and establish: Who? Needs What? Where?  Then, verify technical infrastructure, accommodations, and arrange for on-site support
  8. Verify room lay-out requirements; arrange for support to complete set-up tear-down
  9. Anticipate needs! Arrange for adequate host support available throughout the event.
  10. Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! (with vendors, presenters, attendees and guests).

Having this kind of talent (a detail-oriented arranger/organizer/leader) on staff is very expensive for many businesses.  If you or someone on your staff do not have the time, ability, and desire to dedicate to focusing on the logistical details required for hosting a successful business event, consider tapping into qualified resources from the Virtual Assistance (VA) industry to assist you.  With advances in technology and use of the Internet, business owners can outsource event planning and coordination, as well as many other administrative duties to a VA.

You may wonder, “What is Virtual Assistance?”  It is a working method which came about thanks to the Internet and information technology.  A practicing professional within the Virtual Assistance industry is called a Virtual Assistant (VA).  Typically, VA’s provide administrative, organization, secretarial, special project support and other niche services off-site with the use of the Internet, software, office equipment, and other current technologies.   Typically, VAs contract work from their home offices and follow an established Code of Ethics and Confidentiality.  VAs work to establish long term associations with their clients and remain invested in your organization’s success.

Two reputable online Virtual Assistant organizations can help you locate a qualified VA with proven event planning skill sets.  The Virtual Assistant Networking Association (http://www.vanetworking.com) and the Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce (http://www.virtualassistantnetworking.com) each provide potential clients information, VA listings, opportunity to submit an RFP, and answers to many of your questions.

Don’t let the thought of your next business occasion fill you with dread!

When you hire a Virtual Assistant specializing in Event Coordination, you may look forward to hosting your next event with confidence!  Ask a VA to pay attention to the details so you don’t have to! Remember your success is in the details!

How to Make Money As a Utility Warehouse Distributor

27 Oct

Is the Utility Warehouse business for you? Utilities has had it’s fair share of bad press Utility Warehouse do stand out as a dependable company with superior customer service. Which? Magazine the consumer watchdog has awarded them a best buy. They are the only utility supplier to have won this award, and for the last three years they have been at the top of their league tables for value-for-money and customer service. So the product really is first class.

If you became a distributor with the Utility Warehouse, there are two different ways in which you can earn comission directly from introducing customers.

The first way to make money as a distributor is the sign up commission or (CGB). This is paid for introducing someone and the value is based on the number of services that they sign up to, on average this is around?10-?30. Signing up a customer to multiple services means that they save more money, so around 65% sign up for four or more.

The second way that as a distributor you can earn money as a distributor is through the regular monthly commission (CVC) paid on each customer’s bill each month. I find that this this is roughly equal to 3% of their monthly bill, with the average monthly bill for residential customers being 120 pounds plus and more for commercial customers.

With these two income streams, it is easy to see how it can quickly become very lucrative. You only need to sign up around ten customers a month to earn 250 pounds sign up commission, and you’ll be earning 110 pounds of residual income to your business each quarter. After doing this for a year, assuming you have made 1,000 pounds plus you will have a steady monthly income in the region of 450 pounds.

In practice, there is a third way you may earn money from being a distributor. Should you introduce a new distributor receive a percentage of their customer’s monthly bill. Over time this income stream could become as much as 80% of all your UW income.

A growing residual income for life – so what’s the catch?

Two things that you should know before joining. Firstly when you sign up as a Utility Warehouse Distributor there is an upfront fee of 199.75 pounds. For that you get all of the marketing materials and training you will ever need. This fee is repaid when you sign up twelve customers in your first three months.

The other is that this business will only earn you a standard ongoing income if you put the effort into it. Regular commitment over time produces regular income. An initial enthusiasm followed by inertia will not pay dividends. This is a get rich slow business.

The training is of very high quality, you may do as many courses, as often as you want for ever at no additional cost. To start you’ll need to attend a five hour course, designed to help you become successful. This course will help you understand the services, how to sell them compliantly and how to generate your customers.

Now, once you’ve done what they tell you to do, it’s true that many distributors run out of steam, having exhausted their list of contacts. To combat this, the company have arranged a number of successful, well-proven ways to generate leads and ongoing business. Remember they want you to succeed and have helped many existing distributors to long term financial freedom.

Want to sell a product that sells itself?

Anyone in business will tell you that the best business is business that comes by way of a referral. And people tell others about good products, especially when they save them money. So not surprisingly, they tell their friends, family, colleagues about you. This way, you should get a fresh source of contacts from each new satisfied customer, it is surprising how quickly this could make your business grow.

What Is Custom Clearance or Custom Broking Service?

21 Oct

Custom clearing or broking is a significant part of overseas transportation for importer and exporters that ensure hassle free approval from government agencies for both importing and exporting goods from one country to another. The job involves calculation of transportation fees, taxes, duties, and excises for clients. A customer broker communicates with national and international government agencies on behalf of importer and exporter and completes several other formalities to clear the shipment.

There are various custom clearance agencies that specialize in the domain and work for international transportation companies. It requires rich industrial experience and understanding of the entire shipping process to execute the task with flawlessness. Apart from being associated with custom clearance company, a freight forwarder also appoint in-house custom broker so that they can deal with actual custom clearance company efficiently and comprehend the nitty-gritty of custom laws.

Custom broker are not government agents but they need to have a licence from authorized government organization to be in the field. They can work independently or be associated with fright forwarders, traders, importers/exporters and shipping companies.

According to International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations (IFCBA): “Customs brokers bring critical business information together to clear their goods safely, securely and quickly; and manage your business data to ensure your goods meet Customs’ requirements.”

Why do you need an excellent Custom Clearance Service?

Many a time, due to lack of efficient or careless custom practices, your consignments are seized on air or sea ports, which is never a good news for both importer and exporter. Organizing your custom practices you can simply avoid any kind of unpredictable collapse. You not only save on time by regulating your business smoothly but also remain in good books of government agencies.

What Is Custom Clearance or Custom Broking Service?

Pemahaman Incoterms 2010

7 Oct

Incoterms tak lain adalah singkatan dari International Commercial Terminologies (terms). Sesuai dengan namanya, Incoterms adalah terminologi-terminologi baku mengenai pengiriman barang yang paling sering digunakan oleh para pelaku perdagangan internasional dalam kontrak mereka. Incoterms sendiri memang lahir dari kebiasaan praktek para praktisi perdagangan internasional selama berabad-abad. Dari kebiasaan inilah kemudian International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) menarik sari pati, membakukan, dan akhirnya menerbitkannya menjadi Incoterms. Continue reading


7 Oct


Kami sangat berpengalaman dalam hal pengurusan kegiatan Customs Clearance untuk kegiatan Export dan Import dimana kami sangat memahami dan mengetahui segala peraturan tentang Kepabeanan di Indonesia.
Peraturan Kepabeanan Indonesia dalam hal pengurusan kegiatan Customs Clearance mempunyai 2 ( dua ) system pelayanan yaitu sistem Electronic Data Interchange ( EDI ) dan sistem Non-EDI dimana dalam system tersebut pihak Kepabeanan Indonesia mempunyai 2 ( dua ) keputusan dalam proses permintaan persetujuan proses Customs Clearance yaitu Kategori Jalur Hijau dan Kategori Jalur Merah. Continue reading

Belajar Dari Usaha Warnet

7 Oct

Karena teknologi terus berkembang dan harganya semakin murah, maka para pelaku usaha dibidang teknologi harus siap bertransformasi atau merubah strategi usaha dan bisnisnya mengikuti perkembangan yang ada

memulai usaha wartel

Memulai Usaha: Pertengahan tahun 90-an sampai sekitar tahun 2002 boleh dibilang sebagai masa jaya-jayanya usaha wartel (warung telekomunikasi), pada masa itu banyak orang memulai usaha wartel sebab usaha ini memberikan keuntungan yang lumayan, namun sejak tahun 2002 usaha wartel kelihatan mulai stagnan dan semakin lama semakin lesu. Hal ini dikarenakan makin marak dan murahnya penggunaan telepon genggam (ponsel) dikalangan masyarakat, sehingga untuk berkomunikasi mereka mulai beralih dari wartel ke ponsel yang semakin murah dan terjangkau untuk semua kalangan masyarakat, bahkan sekarang sebagian besar usaha wartel telah gulung tikar tergilas oleh ponsel yang lebih murah dan praktis. Continue reading