Fumigation procedures

24 Sep

1, the purpose of fumigation of wood packaging and significance

In international trade, countries to protect its own resources, on some imports mandatory quarantine system. Fumigation of wood packaging is to prevent harmful diseases and pests of forest resources against the importing country as a coercive measures taken. Therefore, the export of wood packaging containing goods to be shipped on wood packaging materials before handling pesticides, fumigation is a way of pesticide treatment.

2, the scope of wood packaging fumigation

On China’s exports of wood packaging fumigation of countries: the United States, Canada, EU, Japan and Australia, in which the United States and Canada have issued an official fumigation certificate.

Generally refers to wood packaging used for packaging, bedding, support, and reinforce the material goods, such as wooden boxes, wooden crates, wooden pallets, timber storage pad, barrels, wooden mat side, sleepers, timber liner, wood axes, wood Xi and so on.

3, fumigation procedures

1. If the goods exported to Europe coniferous wood packing, fumigation certificate must be provided.

1) The factory is not located in the export port city, the fumigation to be carried out at the local factory.
A 7-8 days in advance to the local Commodity Inspection Bureau for inspection;
B to provide me, invoices, contracts, inspection instructions to the Commodity Inspection Bureau;
C and the Commodity Inspection Bureau agreed to conduct inspection;
D fumigation facility to provide a venue, such as low temperature to be indoors;
F after fumigation, fumigation certificate request to the Commodity Inspection Bureau;
G to pay the CCIB.

2) The factory is located in the port of exportation is located, may entrust the ship on behalf of the fumigation process.
A provision to the ship on behalf of the box, invoices, contracts, inspection instructions;
For inspection by the ship on behalf of B;
C fumigation certificate, together with other documents on behalf of the ship and gave the company;
D payment to the ship on behalf of.

2. Exports to the United States, Canada, the goods whatever the wood packaging must provide fumigation certificate may entrust the ship on behalf of the fumigation process.
1) to the shipping agency to provide me, invoices, contracts, inspection instructions;
2) The application for inspection by the shipping agent;
3) fumigation certificate, together with other documents on behalf of the ship and gave the company;
4) Payment to the shipping agent.

4, some of the requirements fumigation
1. Wood packaging must be free of bark.
2. Fumigation of wood packaging treated to be shipped as soon as possible, keeping in mind that individual store, and other untreated wood products, timber isolation.
3. Fumigation certificate is valid for 21 days.

5. Notes
1. The fumigation of information required to regularly update the relevant information can be find in the http://www.moftec.gov.cn website.
2. Packaged goods in the know, each time asking whether the ship on behalf of the fumigation, confirmed before booking.

Annex 1 Guidelines WPM exported goods

Guide WPM exported goods

September 11, 1998, November 4, 1998, December 22, 1998, the United States, Canada, Britain and other countries have put forward the goods from China, wood packaging, and bedding materials made of wood quarantine requirements. On wood packaging of goods entering the country must be accompanied by Chinese inspection and quarantine authorities issued a certificate certifying that wood packaging entering the country before the heat-treated, fumigated or treated with preservatives, or the exporter issued without proof of wood packaging. November 3, 1999, Brazil requested from China (including Hong Kong) wood packaging goods with these countries to implement the same quarantine measures. To this end, Exit Inspection and Quarantine issued a document several times, on our exports of wood packaging of goods in these countries made specific quarantine requirements.

? wood packaging must not export goods with a bark, insect holes or ALB and other live insects.
? exports using wood packaging, the goods prior to export, exporters are required to the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine agency inspection; entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities Exit Inspection and Quarantine under the relevant provisions of the development, monitoring pesticides and wood processing units packaging and quarantine treatment, pesticide treatment by qualified, issued by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities, “Fumigation / Disinfection Certificate”; export enterprises with entry-exit inspection and quarantine agencies to issue the “export goods customs formalities” to the customs procedures for export, without going through “Fumigation / Disinfection Certificate,” the consequences of exports by the exporters own.

? quarantine treatment types are: heat treatment, fumigation / disinfection or import permit, means the other pesticides.
? implementation of the quarantine treatment business organizations, field inspection and quarantine institution libraries must be evaluated and approved. Not been evaluation and accreditation of enterprise shall not engage in exports to the U.S., Canada, Britain, Pakistan pesticide packaging goods business in nature.

? small and medium export enterprises, can be evaluated and approved the inspection and quarantine department of the wood packaging manufacturers qualified to buy by the quarantine treatment of wood packaging.

? pass on through quarantine treatment of wood packaging strict verification system, qualified in the treated wood packaging printing tags to show distinction.

? entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities carry out the supervision of the quarantine treatment, pesticide disposal fees charged by the provisions of the corresponding proportion of the monitoring fee and do not charge fees WPM.

? quarantine treatment is valid for 21 days. 21 days, after exit Inspection and Quarantine did not find live insects infected, treatment can be properly extended period without re-processing.

? In order to ensure effective and safe pesticide handling, container loading wood packaging goods prohibited to take any drugs on board with the flight after the fumigation practices, gas fumigation should be cleared before shipment.

? increase of the output for fumigation of wood packaging must not use tin phosphide, you can use methyl bromide or sulfur fluoride fumigation phthalate.

Annex 2 wood packaging goods exports to the EU to take quarantine measures

Wood packaging goods exports to the EU to take quarantine measures

General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, State Forestry Administration jointly issued a “Notice”, asked me coniferous wood packaging goods exports to the EU to take quarantine measures.
“Announcement” that the recent resolutions of the European Commission promulgated wood packaging, from Canada, Japan, the United States and China coniferous wood packing emergency quarantine measures taken to prevent the EU introduced pine wood nematode. For the non-compliant wood packaging, the EU will take in the ports of entry pest elimination, destruction, refusal of entry and other measures. To ensure the smooth export of goods exports to the EU I, and for the pine wood nematode in China has actually happened in some areas, I coniferous wood packaging goods exports to the EU must take appropriate measures to deal with.

1,  exports to the EU goods infected pine coniferous wood packaging used, and the need for pre-export fumigation treatment of wood packaging treated up to standard must have markings indicated on the tag approach, location and implementation of the processing units issued by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine of plant quarantine certificate.

2, the use of non-infected pine coniferous wood packing material from the entry-exit inspection and quarantine agencies to implement quarantine and plant quarantine certificates issued, that wood packaging from non-infected areas.

3, the use of non-coniferous wood packing material of the quarantine requirements, based upon the original issued by the State, “I lost on the EU reiterates the EU goods, wood package of emergency measures to inform the” file and regulations.

4, since October 1, 2002 onwards, China’s exports to the EU left the wood packaging of goods in accordance with the regulations.

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