How To Start Import Export Business

30 Sep

We often receive requests from workshop participants, guests and visitors ask, “Where do I start?”

There are many aspects of international trade to learn. I’ve been studying and practicing in this area for years, and I can honestly say there is no quick way through all the information. It is the perseverance and patience. In addition, each business is different and presents unique challenges. But you can do, and if it continues beyond the next person, then you win. So get ready. You can do it!

That said, here are my suggestions:

These are the four main points to remember:

  1. First Learn the basics of import export, but do not be too shabby. As I mentioned in my popular workshops imports and exports, there are seven main areas to learn about:
    • Product or service
    • Trade barriers
    • Market Research
    • International Marketing
    • Logistics
    • Legal Issues
    • Economic considerations

    Keep in mind that international trade does not light or quick to learn the subject. It is not something you can learn how to perfect a 4-hour session. However, I created a step-by-step online workshop of imports and exports for my clients and workshop participants, which will help you get started.

  2. Research, research! If you think a lot of research just to make phone calls, he looked up and collect important information, and reading the market reports, government statistics and trade magazines. The research will help you make important decisions for your business, such as how to market their products in a given country. More important, the study reveals that the project deserves further imports and exports or not.

    I always say, “Expand your search to reduce your risk”

  3. You should write a business plan (if it is a start-up) or an international marketing plan (if they are expanding into new markets with your current company) to attract investors, bankers, finance or small programs of government affairs. You can find this a shocking news, but guess what: no one can do for you. The international marketing plan is where you express the vision and the idea of ​​the company, and makes all your searches.

    Models of business plans and step by step guide
    International Marketing Plan Template

  4. Making the right connections. Relationships are the key to successful international business partnerships.

    Also, unless you are on your way to earning a degree or extensive training in the field, then the best thing to do is hire an international business consultant with training and experience to help. Having qualified input to increase your chances of success. As I said before, you should have a basic understanding of export to import, but you have to trust the experts will give you all the information required to make important decisions

    My experience holding public import export workshops and working with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, has lead me to understand that most start-up companies cannot afford the expensive fees of a consultant.  That is why I created affordable options for my clients, participants, and website visitors.  On my Import Export Tools page, you can find all the low cost options I wrote to help entrepreneurs like yourself:

    You can also sign up for my Ezine and purchase the Import Export Smart Start Workshop, which includes import export business start up information, links, resources, and articles.   By becoming a subscriber, you will gain direct access to my advice, suggestions, online resources, and special offers. Enter your primary email address in the top left corner of this website.

    I know you can achieve your dreams through your own import export venture!


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