How to Make Money As a Utility Warehouse Distributor

27 Oct

Is the Utility Warehouse business for you? Utilities has had it’s fair share of bad press Utility Warehouse do stand out as a dependable company with superior customer service. Which? Magazine the consumer watchdog has awarded them a best buy. They are the only utility supplier to have won this award, and for the last three years they have been at the top of their league tables for value-for-money and customer service. So the product really is first class.

If you became a distributor with the Utility Warehouse, there are two different ways in which you can earn comission directly from introducing customers.

The first way to make money as a distributor is the sign up commission or (CGB). This is paid for introducing someone and the value is based on the number of services that they sign up to, on average this is around?10-?30. Signing up a customer to multiple services means that they save more money, so around 65% sign up for four or more.

The second way that as a distributor you can earn money as a distributor is through the regular monthly commission (CVC) paid on each customer’s bill each month. I find that this this is roughly equal to 3% of their monthly bill, with the average monthly bill for residential customers being 120 pounds plus and more for commercial customers.

With these two income streams, it is easy to see how it can quickly become very lucrative. You only need to sign up around ten customers a month to earn 250 pounds sign up commission, and you’ll be earning 110 pounds of residual income to your business each quarter. After doing this for a year, assuming you have made 1,000 pounds plus you will have a steady monthly income in the region of 450 pounds.

In practice, there is a third way you may earn money from being a distributor. Should you introduce a new distributor receive a percentage of their customer’s monthly bill. Over time this income stream could become as much as 80% of all your UW income.

A growing residual income for life – so what’s the catch?

Two things that you should know before joining. Firstly when you sign up as a Utility Warehouse Distributor there is an upfront fee of 199.75 pounds. For that you get all of the marketing materials and training you will ever need. This fee is repaid when you sign up twelve customers in your first three months.

The other is that this business will only earn you a standard ongoing income if you put the effort into it. Regular commitment over time produces regular income. An initial enthusiasm followed by inertia will not pay dividends. This is a get rich slow business.

The training is of very high quality, you may do as many courses, as often as you want for ever at no additional cost. To start you’ll need to attend a five hour course, designed to help you become successful. This course will help you understand the services, how to sell them compliantly and how to generate your customers.

Now, once you’ve done what they tell you to do, it’s true that many distributors run out of steam, having exhausted their list of contacts. To combat this, the company have arranged a number of successful, well-proven ways to generate leads and ongoing business. Remember they want you to succeed and have helped many existing distributors to long term financial freedom.

Want to sell a product that sells itself?

Anyone in business will tell you that the best business is business that comes by way of a referral. And people tell others about good products, especially when they save them money. So not surprisingly, they tell their friends, family, colleagues about you. This way, you should get a fresh source of contacts from each new satisfied customer, it is surprising how quickly this could make your business grow.

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